Teeth Whitening

We offer Beautiful Bright Smile teeth whitening

Custom, instant, and sensitivity-free professional teeth whitening treatments & at-home solutions created for your smile!

✅ Professional dental grade formula

✅ Custom treatments: no strips or trays

✅ 1 hour treatment

✅ No liquid dam required

✅ Instant results

✅ No after sensitivity

✅ LED light therapy

✅ No heat damage to teeth

✅ 6-12 shade difference


✅ No gum irritation

✅ Vegan Formulas

✅ Teeth are reminerlized & rehydrated after whitening

✅ Excellent proven results for both take-home and chair-side teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening $140

Teeth Touch Up $90

Rechargeable Take Home Kit $150

Available in: Chilliwack – Grand Forks – Williams Lake


Consultations are always free, by appointment.


See packages page for package deals.


Prepay for 3, get one free on any services or packages

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